Bear Claw Bodyguard (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, Book 9)

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  • Especially not being pulled off his case to protect Dr Tori Bay. He can handle guarding a beautiful scientist who plays by her own rules…but keeping her out of his arms could be difficult. Jack has faced his share of challenges and usually came out on top. This time, though, it'll take all his professional skills to ignore some very personal impulses…. Taking risks. Pushing the limits. Being chased by a new form of hybrids through a frozen jungle?

    The big, sexy warrior at her side makes her heart race in all sorts of new ways. And she likes it. A lot.

    But when a dark secret from her past may hold the key to the new fight, can she trust him enough to let go? Did Santa bring me my Fated Mate? When I meet the gorgeous, curvy angel who was driving the car, I immediately want to put her on top of my Christmas tree. The kind who destroys entire planets. The only way to protect Holly would be to leave her behind and force the monsters to follow me.

    Nothing is going to come between my mate and me. Elle is on a secret mission. And right now that means uncovering the mystery of the monster of Seven Pines. Enter Braxen. Ridiculously, snowmeltingly, handsome toymaker. Secret alien. Elle wants this story at all costs, and Braxen wants to protect his identity even more. Everything would be so simple if they could just stay away from each other. My sister, Stella, was abducted by a trio of hot alien warriors. Well, not so much abducted, as she went willingly. Because both Xander, the sensitive, book-loving warrior, and Yanno, an arrogant, dominating alpha, are clearly interested in me.

    Yanno and Xander are the difference between curry and ice-cream; one scorchingly hot and fierce, the other sinfully sweet and smooth. Killing anyone was never my goal, but now? The Vahdmoshi, aliens who are neither little green or gray men, abducted me and several others to star in their twisted reality show.

    Every fight brings me one week closer to dying in front of beings I never expected existed. And find his Lokmane father. Moira Salys just wants a new life where she can help other Lokmane put their pain to rest. And maybe let go of her own. Spending time with him is a little slice of unexpected paradise. Everything shatters when Adrian finds a hidden colony of Lokmane on the Southern Islands. Saving his friend and Lokmane freedom means facing his ghosts. And it might kill everyone he loves. Draix rescued me after I was abducted and forced into slavery. When he was called to lead the fight against the Chaluts, there was no question that he would go.

    I never expected to see him again. He and I are worlds apart and have no place together. We could send the entire planet into a new civil war. In , the modern world got its first taste of being in the direct path of a solar storm, affecting worldwide communications. Today, we got our second. As her friends split off from her route, Julia finds that learning whom to trust along the way is as challenging as the conditions. For Russ, the end of the electrical grid means an early parole from Ely State Prison. True beauty lies within. Except inside The Vault, where life can be ugly and love is dangerous.

    Under its protective shield, Beauty spends her nights reading and her days scavenging precious artifacts in hopes of securing a good life after the war—until her father loses something precious and must give her to the Beast as payment. Hiding behind a mask and his fearsome reputation, the Beast is racked with guilt and self-loathing. For who could ever love a monster? But when Beauty enters his life, she discovers the true nature of The Vault—and the man behind the mask.

    Now they must find a way to stop their enemies from executing their final plan…or not even true love will be enough to survive The Vault. Some sound almost unbelievable. However, not everyone is quick to trust the newcomers, and with good reason. But defeating the darkness in herself could prove to be more difficult. Gray has foreseen a future where he can negotiate a lasting truce with NEX, but the price of that peace is Evie. That is a price Gray is unwilling to pay, until Evie gives him no choice.

    She agrees to cooperate with whatever experiments NEX has planned, in return for it ceasing its efforts to attack New Omni—a decision that comes in the nick of time. Ordered to seduce the outcast, Veraza, Evie must put aside her anger at him for his actions against her sister and the enmity he holds towards Iyaren.

    Scarbrough Allen Lane Allen P. Now and then out of the veiled universe comes a friend. A hole where I had two choices in life—to be a breeder, or to be a killer. Torn between the bonds of her team and her growing relationship with the dashing Detective Horowitz, Eve must discern truth from illusion and friend from foe before another soul vanishes into the ether. They had a carriage for him, but he protested and took his place in the ranks with the men,—only a look of joy shone on his face, nothing of exultation; he was as unconscious of himself then as he seems ever to be and is. Ultimate Agents. Nick wouldn't let that be Sara's fate, no matter how much it pained him to see heragain.

    It is only then that she begins to see the true, tormented male beneath the hatred that shrouds him. Trapped in a cage of his own making, Veraza cannot let go of his rage, until the smart-mouthed human female is forced into his life—and his bed. His initial antipathy for Evie dissolves as her presence brightens up his prison—and her love changes his mind. Neither of them expects the passion that flares between them, but they cannot deny their feelings for long.

    Veraza is left facing a difficult choice, and he must make a terrible sacrifice if he wants to free the woman he loves—and return her to the mates who will stop at nothing to reclaim her and destroy NEX and all of its minions. Arythios is gone, destroyed by an evil force. Men, women, children—dead. All that remains of my world, once the pride of the galaxy, is a team of warriors, a handful of starships, and me. The last Archon. To insure the survival of our race, I chose one of the humans sent to us as a breeder. A shy virgin with shamefully wicked secret fantasies that awakened my own dark desires.

    Hungers I thought had long since passed.

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    I was determined to master her with stern discipline. Instead, she captured my heart.

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    Now, the rules of combat have changed. I have a mate to protect and cherish…with a new life on the way. Strange storms have been raging all over the world for the past months. Some say the end of the world is coming, but for Ella, life goes on as always: stressing about work, her health problems, and now a broken car to top it all off. She tries to make her way home in the stormy weather when a lightning suddenly strikes her. She loses consciousness and when she wakes up, she finds herself in the middle of a TV production.

    Especially not when they come in threes and want to mate with her. Dennis Osborne has kept his sexuality hidden, afraid of being ostracized. Gogrek Vemm is a government official.

    The human is destined to not only belong to Gogrek, but also to his younger brother, Ragnon. Quicker than Dennis thought possible, he adjusts to his new life and falls in love. And then something shocking happens. Dennis becomes pregnant.