Collusion And Equity (Collusion, Equity And Revelation Book 1)

Germany’s collusion problem
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Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)

For years, little was known about the German far-right group that killed nine immigrants in the s and evaded capture for 14 years. Between September and April , nine immigrants, mostly Turkish, and a female police officer were murdered with the same gun in towns across the country.

At one time Operation Bosphorus, one of the biggest investigations in German criminal justice history, had as many as police officers pursuing false leads. They lived in hiding in Saxony, protected by an extensive network of supporters. A dozen neo-Nazi activists present in court applauded the decision.

'Collusion' documentary review - 'seismically shocking'

This leniency contrasts with the severity towards demonstrators against the G20 summit in Hamburg in July , sentenced to 39 months in prison without parole. Throughout the trial, the court tried to restrict the proceedings to the five accused and exclude any wider context, as often happens in criminal cases with social and political implications.

No account was taken of independent inquiries which suggested that the NSU founder members and their accomplices could not have committed their numerous crimes or remained in hiding for so long without help. The joys of art! Pope hosts meal for 1, poor and homeless. Volunteer Day at St Elizabeth Infirmary. Disrespect, salaries fuelling teacher migration, says JTA president. Three men gunned down in Kgn over weekend. National Journalism Week opens. MPs want more time in Parliament.

US businesswoman says 'heartbroken' by Boris Johnson. R Danny Williams making a difference. All Rights Reserved. In this back to basics guide, the Georgia-based author offers tips to help gardeners maximize the quality, yield, and diversity of the tomatoes they grow.

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With an emphasis on organic methods, Everhart PhD, chemistry discusses heirloom vs. The guide includes case studies, illustrations, recipes, resources, a glossary, and garden log template.

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Portland, OR Many people are turning to their agricultural roots in order to become self-sufficient by growing and preparing their own food. Growing Tomatoes by Cherie H.

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Everhart explains the juiciest to the smallest and easiest to grow strains of tomatoes as well as the benefits of growing heirlooms more variety of colors, flavors, textures and shapes which is nice if you are a foodie as well as promoting agricultural diversity which helps protect food supply monoculture is a dangerous concept since a single insect or disease can wipe out an entire crop and even strain to saving seeds and getting bigger yields.

Natural and organic gardening tips are included like natural pest and disease control insert a carrot into the ground close to your tomato plant and see if worms attack the carrot; diluting a solution of aspirin and spraying it on tomato plants helps fight fungal infections like blight.

'Collusion' documentary review - 'seismically shocking' -

The information and tips in this book provides invaluable advice. Cherie Everhart grew up watching her dad garden and eventually started gardening herself.

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Prior to this book, her writing experience has been technical in nature including a thesis, technical reports, journal articles, and patents. She currently lives and gardens in Alpharetta, Georgia. Her garden is currently about 2, square feet, including a variety of berries and vegetables.

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