Five ingenious ways... to make a $million from nothing

15 Ways to Make 1 Million Dollars
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Only after the product has gain some traction you should be ready of your own ICO where you open it to the public as early investors. Every single type of financial related service is getting disrupted by blockchain, your goal is to find where you fit in this cluster of new services. No matter what your stance on Bitcoin and Ethereum is, blockchain is here to stay and we would actually recommend you start teaching yourself more and more about the industry if you want to make sense of the future.

Think McDonalds or Starbucks. So how does this work? You reach out to the company with the aim of buying a franchise. There are two types of costs you need to know about. In exchange for this money, they company provides all the tools you need to get the business up and running. For example a Dunking Donuts franchise fee is between 40, and 90, dollars depending on location. The company requires you have at least , dollars in liquid assets just to make sure you can keep the thing running.

Just to put things into perspective, as of , Netflix has million subscribed users to its service with a minimum of 7. In they did over 11 billion dollars in revenue. Rich people value time above everything else and they really value people who are able to save them time. Before you get a shot at this, it is important to know that you should already have a trust based relationship with the wealthy individual. Believe it or not, even we get at least emails like these every month, which we will never reply to. If you think about it, you are more likely to become a millionaire by working for a wealthy individual than becoming a millionaire by starting your own business.

If this is your plan, we recommend you find yourself a mentor. These people are open to helping you grow. This all changed in the last couple of years. For example Gangam style alone made PSY over 8 million dollars. Believe it or not, that video is still making him decent money today. You also have large creators leveraging their youtube fame to create additional revenue sources like the Paul brothers do with their Merch lines or how Jeffree Star did with his makeup line.

Number Have a blog that gets over 41 million views per month Speaking of advertising, having a popular blog can still make you a multi-millionaire. When we started out, Alux.

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Very similar to what buzzfeed used to do — and to be honest still does. He started ViralNova in and sold it 1 and a half years later for reportedly million dollars. During November and December he was already generating over 1 million dollars per month from advertising revenue.

Steve Harvey Tells You How To Make A Million Dollars

The app ecosystem has evolved in the past couple of years. The secret to most apps has been the ability to bring in additional revenue within the app. Number Get over , twitch subscribers Live streaming is going mainstream and some might even say it already has.

You have the likes of Ninja who are spearheading this moment generating between thousand and 1 million dollars every month from streaming alone. This type of technology has been quickly adopted by gamers who broadcast themselves playing video games. All good? So how do they make money? There are multiple revenue streams here, the main one being paid subscription. In addition to the paid subscription, viewers can donate money directly to the streamer in order to show support.

Number Buy — Flip — Repeat This is the fundamental rule of hustling and one of the most common ways to make some more money. Find something you can purchase at one price and then sell it for more to someone who is willing to pay a premium for it. He started out when his mom bought him a pair of sneakers which he sold to a classmate for almost double what he paid for.

He then went ahead and started buying more. A few months pass by and celebrities are looking to get their hands on the type of sneakers this kid has, so they reach out. The most expensive pair of sneakers he sold was for 20, dollars and now he has an entire operation for reselling sneakers. People do this in different markets, buying — fixing — flipping cars, houses, antiques, you name it.

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1. Stop obsessing about money

A book guaranteed to turn your world upside down. This is a a short text offering some of the most ingenius ideas to make a million as the title suggests! There is. Five ingenious ways to make a $million from nothing eBook: D. L Brady: Kindle Store.

Next post. Be resourceful like these guys here and you could be cashing in, in a new, fun and creative way. Sell , apps in the App Store.

10 realistic ways to make your first $1 million

Rent your car for 8, days , hours on GetAround. Teach 5, Skillshare classes. Sell yourself , ways on Fiverr. Sell 10, business plans on eBay. Tweet , sponsored messages on MyLikes. Rent your apartment for 10, nights.

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