INSTINCTS: The Hidden Spirits That Drive You

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Around the same time I also started a music venture called Rebel Instinct and a production name George Kurts; the idea being to put out music from myself and a few people around me at the time who were doing some interesting stuff. Repression is thus one of the central defense mechanisms by which the ego seeks to avoid internal conflict and pain, and to reconcile reality with the demands of both id and super-ego. It will be good training for you to understand the difference between them and how developing your intuition will work for you. I started to see my awakening intuition, that inner calm voice, as the adult who could stand back and calmly assess the situation. A simple example of how something would appear to a clairvoyant starts with someone asking if you would like an orange. Everyone was affected. In fact, some people at the last feast chose to leave.

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Instincts: The Hidden Spirits That Drive You

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