Power to the People (Molon Labe Book 2)

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Now their message is being celebrated.

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Now his family is sending him off with a comedic obituary. Within hours, dogs died from toxic algae. She never imagined the kindness that would come next. Broadcast TV requires a rescan. John Ratcliffe as new intel chief.

Molon Labe

Power to the People (Molon Labe Book 2) - Kindle edition by G.S. Kyle, Ashley Lulkovitz, Judith Reynolds. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. Power to the People (Molon Labe) [G.S. Kyle] on millcuttainetsouthb.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The militias across the country have been bolstered by.

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Look it up. The only successful resistance comes from solid communications. The only reliable long distance communication that is almost impossible to block is ham radio. Find your local IRC.

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With all our might, we got our ass handed to us in Vietnam in the mid 70s! That happened at the hands of about rag tag gooks in black PJs with small arms for the most part. Even a small percentage of that number would be a very impressive gorilla army that could fade in and out of the population at will!

The fighting and destruction could be massive and the street combat brutal and bloody for a very long time. They just dont have the numbers or trained reliable men for a fight like that! We WON in Vietnam.

I think that as the leader of the forces of North Vietnam, he has a better perspective. NV was up against the wall. They were about to begin starving, and were running out of fuel, arms, and ammo. The Russians were gone and the Red Chinese cutting off materials. General Giap was just about to sue for peace. But, in one last gasp effort, they decided to take everything they had and attack, in concert with the Viet Cong during the Tet a traditional time of truce as a desperate attempt to stab South Vietnam and their American allies in their collective backs.

Power to the People (Molon Labe Book 2)

Giap hoped that would give them far better terms at the surrender. Unfortunately, we wiped the floor with them!

kharritofless.cf Our victory was unequivocal! Of course we had higher than the average weekly casualties, but this was a nationwide military operation. Even so, for such an extensive, vicious, underhanded sneak attack during a truce, our casualties were remarkably low. General Giap lost by any measure, badly! And despite the phenomenally positive news coming from our military personnel, they continued to bang the drum of defeat loudly. That gave General Giap the motivation to hold on a bit longer.

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