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Hints & Tips Six: Employing a Professional Genealogist
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My mom gave me all the family photos. It is nice to think that all AGRA members are expert and honest but there are certainly excellent professionals who are not yet members. A client, especially working from abroad, is very much at risk.

Inevitably problems do crop up in any company and delays can occur for unavoidable reasons, but most can be sorted amicably without resorting to legal action. Perhaps the client might ask for some compensation — perhaps in the form of a little extra work free of charge as recompense for disappointment.

If still not satisfied, than like any consumer a client has the benefit of normal local trading standard agencies and the small claims courts. The AGRA website www. The site enables the public to find researcher by name, by the area where they live and work or by specialisms such as intestacy or palaeography.

Become Your Family's Detective! 7th Annual Genealogy Fair

The contact details of each member is given, along with email addresses and links to websites. The advice pages give further information about how researchers work and charge for their services and are well worth reading.

Who Do You Think You Are? Be a Family Tree Detective

Both operate in a similar way to AGRA. These can often be found by making an internet search or by following links from www.

Joining the Dots...

Having selected a professional from the AGRA list or elsewhere how should you approach him and what should you expect of him? Write a first email or letter asking whether the researcher will take your case and setting out the relevant details of the problem.

You should set the information out clearly, distinguishing between what is quite certain and proved, what is true only on the basis that uncle George said so, and what is theory. Send as much information as you can but only relevant information; there is no need to include a tree showing the connections down to the present day or interesting facts about the grandchildren.

Areas of Expertise

Last week, however, a Florida detective announced at a police Investigators have since used genetic genealogy to identify suspects and. Let the Family Detective unravel the family tree for you. The Family Detective has a worldwide network of associates who research in local courthouses, archives.

Ask the researcher if he thinks he can help, what his terms are and how long it will be before he can do the work. Do not send any funds at this stage but if you expect a reply by post always include postage in English stamps, International Reply Coupons or cash. If you only want to employ a researcher to act on your explicit instructions there is no need to set out the problem. Always keep a copy of your letter or email.

Never send original documents in a first letter nor is there any need to send a substantial unsolicited sum of money. Do not enclose small cheques in foreign currency since British banks will not always negotiate these. Remember, if the researcher did not answer the fault may be yours - no return address, no return postage, garbled account of your problem. Others working from abroad start research in England long before they have exhausted sources in the country of immigration.

Most researchers on answering a first letter or email will give an idea of their charges.

Genealogy Detective

This will normally include a statement of their usual hourly rate. It is possible that the genealogists might ask for some money paid up front to be used towards the cost of purchasing certificates or to analyse the problem. The researcher having laid out that time and money puts in a report of the successes or problems, with suggestions for further work. The hourly rate quoted will normally include not only time spent looking at documents but time spent on correspondence, phone calls and general advice. Some clients are inclined, wrongly, to imagine that when nothing is found there is nothing to pay.

On the other hand, you should expect the researcher to follow your instructions unless you give him a free hand , not to exceed the financial or other limitations which you set, and to report on time, setting out clearly the evidence and the conclusions to be drawn from it.

by Helene Schwartz Kenvin

GEDmatch does not offer DNA tests itself, but it allows anyone to upload results from companies such as 23andMe or Ancestry or, as it turns out, forensic labs. Guaranteed confidentiality of all personal information and project scope of work. Its really common for our Vagabonds or Driftwooders to express an interest in tracing their Irish roots while visiting Ireland. A violation of terms of service. The news angered some genealogists, not because they objected to law-enforcement use but because the company acted in secret. Save your cart?

Most genealogists should at least be able to accept card payments via Paypal or by Sterling cheque. Detectives tailed Talbott, a truck driver, and saw him discard a coffee cup. They tested the DNA left behind, confirming it matched that found on the pants.

Identifying Family Photographs

Several wrote the court, describing him as kind, gentle and helpful. Opening statements in the case are expected Thursday in Snohomish County Superior Court, with the trial scheduled to last four weeks. In an agreement reached Tuesday, prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed the jury did not need to hear testimony from anyone at the genealogy lab. Instead, the detective will testify about how Talbott came under suspicion. Among the privacy issues raised by the investigation method is that the technology is so powerful that even without a warrant, police can identify people based on the participation of distant relatives in the public databases. Mary D.